Monday, December 20, 2010

An Amazing Music Video

Makes me cry every time I hear this song on Joy FM  (Just Make Sure you pause the play list  2 posts below)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Memories Of Jonah

So as Christmas is approaching; I find my self  remembering my brother Jonah and the other family members I have lost.  As some of you may know I lost my brother Jonah in 2006 to a rare genetic disease called Leukyodystrophy.  It effects the white coating around the brain and you slowly loose everything from motor skills to talking, and even your eye sight.  My brother was in the Wings pediatric hospice program for several years prior to him going to see Jesus in Heaven.  

Needless to say it's a sad time for my family and I do enjoy all of the family time,baking, the gifts,giving gifts and celebrating Jesus' Birthday.  Every year when the schools let out for Christmas (not winter) break,  I see  several brothers around our ages (mine and Jonah's)  come in to the restaurant I work at and I think that should be Jonah and I going out to eat and riding in my truck and spending time together.  But, God decided to take him away into heaven to life a full life that he never had the oppertunity to have.    It breaks my heart every time I see a pair of brothers like that.   I do tear up and I have to go into the kitchen and  gather my composure and push though it till the end of my shift when I cry on the way home.     Even though I know  he is in Heaven and having an amazing time, I feel there is this hole that can't be filled even with Christ being in my life.   I sometimes find my self putting on the happy act when I am feeling down just to keep everyone in the Chistmas cheer and not be a downer.
But, in all the sadness I have all of the memories of Jonah and It helps some but nothing more would help except to have him here with us Celebrating Christmas.

Now That I have most of you depressed.... I will have to find a humorous story/video. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Almost Christmas!

Ok, so I still know we have 8 days till' Christmas but, I am in the spirit!   I thought you might wanna know whats up in my world :)  That is why you read this right?? Or do you fell sorry for me?  Ok, so probable a little bit of both. ;)

So, this past week was FUN! (NOT)

FINALS ARE DONE!!  I did very well on them:) Especially the 75 question anatomy final *crosses eyes*

My 20 year old truck FAILED its safety inspection and I had to go get that fixed... (MORE MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN)

My mom woke up sick on Wednesday and I got to play nurse.... after I got the truck re inspected I hit Walgreen's and bought : Gatorade (encase she vomited and did not want to eat) Saltine Crackers, Cold/Flu Meds (The pharmacist thought I was a drug dealer no doubt) 3 cans of chicken noodle soup, and some other things totaling $35...    I am happy to report she is feeling better and I have to figure out what to do with 50oz of Gatorade.  *sigh*

Then the dog has a yeast infection in his ear and he racked up a heck of a  bill at the vet all for some meds and ear cleaner.  

Now I must continue my planning on how I am going to manage My Christmas Cupcake orders and  the increase of hours I asked for at work :) Have an awesome rest of your work week and have an awesome weekend!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being stressed is OVER!

And I am jumping up and down with glee!! THE ACT IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  3 MONTHS of studying and $1,000 (yes $1,000) later I am more than confident that I did well on the ACT :)  I would like to thank everyone at the learning center who took the time to tutor me in the ways of the ACT!  Y'all are AWESOME!!! Especially Robin B.  I would also like to thank all of my friends (my extended family) for thinking of me and prying for me!! :)  Now I still have about 3 weeks till my results come back but I am not letting that keep me from PARTYING! 

Ok, now for the hospital update that I have been meaning to post....

So, there was not alot of  action going on *sigh* "The Before Christmas (Yes, I said the C word)  surgery slump."  I did meet a new float pool tech (Who is AWESOME)  & a new nurse (WHO IS AWESOME TOO!) (not as awesome as the rest of my girls and bill though) :) 

 Alright, I have some cookies with my name on them so, I bid you good bye  and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Funny.....

After getting my picture taken for our Christmas card this year we have found out I do not have a seizure disorder LOL!  We also went to the mall and dodged and weaved through all of the stupid people that can not walk.... So here is today's funny!  I think most of you who know me will laugh because these are all true


Now to finish up my Upromise withdraw form >:D     TTFN!

Monday, November 29, 2010

After An Eventful Thanksgiving Weekend

After upping my pillow count and seeing my gals and Bill in the PACU and hearing an old lady cuss while coming out of anesthesia while there where several other patients in the recovery room *Rolls Eyes*  I did not know old ladies knew how to cuss! (Especially like sailors)  

Thanksgiving was the usual eat till your stuffed extravaganza... I enjoyed being with my family and my grandma made me some scrubs and some new scrub hats!    I LOVE THEM!   There where no political fights,comments  etc...etc... (Thank God!)   I don't think I could have survived and kept my mouth shut at the same time...  I am VERY politically opinionated and know where I stand.   

The morning after Thanksgiving I donated blood for the first time at JOY FM's Blood Drive!  It went well I didn't faint,puke or turn green....  I was very happy till the next day when I had a HUGE headache and really bad nausea and vertigo. Why people do people like to get so drunk and have a hangover is BEYOND ME! *crosses eyes*  Its not fun... let me tell you.  But It was really good knowing that I will save 3 lives in just 10 min!

Then my truck started leaking antifreeze and i had to have the clamp on the tube tightened.... and yours truly's glasses arrived and I am now a full time glasses wearer since contacts are now SO expensive. My prescription went up and the contacts went up $20....

Now to bed and the gym in the morning!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Before Thanksgiving Warning.....

Before we all chow down and stuff ourselves like the turkey will be... Here is a Story I found on Yahoo that led me to the Washington Post (GAGS...My politics are showing again....)

A few years ago on Thanksgiving day, Marvin M. Lipman, Consumers Union's chief medical adviser, was called to the emergency room to see a 52-year-old high school football coach in the throes of a heart attack. In the whirlwind of activity to stabilize him before a transfer to a nearby medical center for angioplasty and stenting, Lipman didn't have time to sit down with his wife to take a decent history until later that evening.

"You couldn't possibly believe what he ate today," she said, and then went on to describe a meal that could have fed his entire offensive backfield. He also had a high blood cholesterol level and a family history of early coronary disease.

In years gone by, skeptics wondered whether a single meal could trigger a heart attack. But in the past decade or two, researchers have learned a lot more about the physiological events that take place after eating a meal packed with carbohydrates, fat and salt. Some research has found that it can set the stage for a heart attack. For example, a study of 1,986 heart attack patients presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association in 2000 suggested that an unusually large meal quadrupled the chance of having a heart attack within the next two hours.

The price of a pigout
After a large meal (a Thanksgiving feast can easily exceed 4,000 calories), cardiac output of blood is increased and diverted to the intestinal circulation to aid digestion, which can take as long as six hours, leaving other organs, including the heart and brain, relatively deprived. The work involved in all this shunting around of blood might be the equivalent of vigorous sex or moderate exercise.
But that's not all. An increase in insulin, triggered by the carbohydrate content of the meal, can compound the situation by preventing normal relaxation of the coronary arteries. Triglyceride elevation, from the fats and carbs, can impair the function of the inner lining of the coronary arteries and cause those vessels to become less elastic and acutely inflamed. Increases in inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein have been noted following a large, high-fat meal. And the rise in blood pressure that usually occurs after eating such a meal can cause those inflamed patches to rupture, which in turn can lead to blockages and heart attacks.

Gobbling down a huge dinner can have other health consequences, too. The prodigious amounts of gastric acid produced during the body's effort to digest the food can cause acid reflux that often goes on for many hours. The high fat content of a typical holiday feast can precipitate a gallbladder attack in people with gallstones. The high salt content might trigger acute heart failure in someone with a history of that condition.

Add to those possibilities the sleepiness generated not only by the meal but also by the wine one might imbibe (making the drive home an accident waiting to happen), plus the embarrassing flatulence and waking up the next morning with acute gout, and you have many good reasons to revamp your eating habits at Aunt Fannie's fabulous feast this year.
The only thing you probably don't have to worry about is rupturing your stomach. That rarely happens, because the stomach can expand to accommodate nearly four times the normal volume of food.

Be a gourmand, not a glutton
So what's a formerly fearless foodie to do on a holiday that features a dinner table groaning with potentially deadly goodies?

l Don't arrive famished. Have a snack an hour or two before.
l Stay away from the finger food at the hors d'oeuvres table.
l Eat the salad first.
l Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.
l Taste everything to your liking, but take small portions and resist seconds.
l Eat slowly, and participate in conversation.
l Skip the dessert, or at least go easy on it. Fruit is preferable.
l Limit alcohol intake to one glass of wine, and drink at least one full glass of water.

(c) Copyright 2010. Consumers Union of United States Inc.

***PILLOW COUNT UPDATED!*** I will post stories of the PACU later!

Friday, November 19, 2010

For Those Who Did Not Regurgitate Their Stupid Pill...

Just thought I would let you know how many people took my advise to "Barf Up Their Stupid Pill"  Not many did... for those of you people that did not take my advise.... Please down the whole bottle of "Happy Pills"  (as pictured) before returning to the restaurant that I work at...  Also,  If you do not take my advise I will start spreading cheer by singing loud for all to hear 1 and TRUST ME you DON'T want me to resort to that.... (Even the Church won't let me sing) LOL!  and for those that have a hangover from the 3 bars that are close to the restaurant I work at...just don't get out of bed and ruin everyone's day and don't forget to take 2 Advil and keep a trash can with a liner next to your bed for easy clean up ;).

Footnote: "Spreading Cheer By Singing Loud For All To Hear"- Taken from the Movie Elf.

Goldilocks has entered the PACU!

So I forgot to mention last Tuesday that Goldilocks  has come to work in the PACU!  I got to meet her after she looked me up and down  and gave me the  WTHeck are you doing down here? look.   I just smiled and said Hi and went to go change into my scrubs. *kill em' with kindness*  So we will have to get more acquainted and get on the right track... I am not your normal volunteer; I go out of my way to HELP, NOT  hinder the employees (or my girls and Bill).   After much surfing on the webernets I found a picture that made me laugh!

****In Other News****

I jacked up my knee AGAIN somehow. But, I took a good dose of Ibuprofen so I can limp and I need to find my knee brace that is lost in the vortex that is my room...

I also did something productive and gave Hank a bath since the dog stank to high heaven and now he is all fluff and 3 shades lighter. 

Also, for all the people who took a stupid pill and decided or is deciding to come to the restaurant I work at PLEASE BARF UP YOUR PILL NOW!

That's it for now! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Of Those Days *Rolls Eyes*

So Today was one of those days....   I spent a good hour and a half at the bank after I put my account into overdraft transferring my money to my new bank account *Rolls eyes* I learned a good lesson ! NEVER EVER transfer money before ones paycheck clears or one will pay $33. 

But enough on that...   I also went to my ACT tutor  and that went well and I am ready to KICK BUTT on the ACT!  I am doing my best to stay humble and focus on doing my best to get a 28 on it!  

I also went to Church and enjoyed my time of being a Cubbie Leader with my guys!  Now its off to finish my 5  paragraph report on leadership for school :P

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something Spoke To Me

Yesterday I was at work on my break hiding in the back eating my food and reading
"Mile Marker 825" By Jason Mirikitani   one of the speakers that I saw at Faith Assent Base Camp... And  when I was reading the first chapter this Bible Verse jumped out at me and "Spoke" to me  and it really moved me. 
See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.  Revelation 3:8 NIV

Some of you may know that I have been trying to get hired on by some of the local hospitals (Including A&B)  I keep getting the thanks but, no thanks e-mails back from their HR departments.

This has pushed me towards going in to the Air Force Reserves as a CNA till I go to Nursing School and get my BSN. When I read that verse something in me  The Holy Spirit (I think) said   "JAKE! WAKE UP! This is the path I have chosen for you and this is the one I want you to take! Don't doubt me! Just lean on me and I will take care of you and your worries about the ACT, the ASVAB and College."

So I think after reading that and praying about it; I now understand that the AF reserves is the path God wants me to take. I mean there are no con's (except for boot camp) and there are all pro's for me  such as having school payed for!

So, I just thought that you all would like to know that this is the first time I have actually had God speak to me and  it gave me a lot of  answers after all that has gone on in my life that He is still there even though I am still struggling to come back to him.

Enjoy the final hours of your weekend!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Definition Of Homeshop/Homeshopping

As you may know I am the "Best HomeShopper at Hospital A" and I am very proud of that title!   For those of you who do not know what Homeshopping  is here is the definition that I posted on :


Taking an item or items from one department of the hospital or medical center to stock up another department.
Example: I can homeshop 16 pillows off of ortho without being noticed.

It can be found here: Homeshop Definition-

I have also added a new Pillow Counter!  Those are a HOT commodity at Hospital A and I pride my self in sneaking them off of all the floors that I visit in my travels.  Each time I come home from Hospital A I will update the count with the day's finds.

I have Ghost Adventures episodes to catch up on, so for now I leave you with this post! Hope to see some comments soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Adventures For Tuesday, November 9th,2010

So Today I  volunteered at hospital A!  I got to see all of "My Girls" down in recovery!  I got there at 3 I think because I had to try and figure out how to send a rather big and heavy candle holder to canada for under $27.00  but to no avail and several sheets of customs paperwork to fill out....  (Never sell international on ebay)   But, I digress....   We where really busy and had alot of sweet older ladies come thru  and one even wanted to dance with me after she just got a new knee or hip (not sure lol)  but she was  on alot of narcotics and I have learned to smile and agree to make them happy.

Oh BTW  Shout out to Erin!  She  lets me talk and talk about my problems and what's going on in my world. Thanks! :)

I will update you on what happens at hospital B on saturday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

First Post!

Ok :) this is my first blog and all so i will try my best to keep it on track!   Because patient's confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me so I will not be using any names,ages etc... as this would violate HIPPA laws.   This blog is to collect all of my "adventures" at the hospital's I volunteer at.

So,lets get some basic background information out of the way ;)

My name is Hospital Voulnteer,I am a high school senior who wants to be a Pediatric Trauma Nurse (NOT a Doctor) at one of the best Children's Hospitals in the country right in my hometown...   I volunteer most if not all my time to the hospitals,church,etc...  I am also planning on going into the reserves as a CNA till I get my nursing degree.   These are the stories of my days at the hospitals sometimes their REALLY interesting, sometimes their not.  But I still manage to annoy a good majority of the 'PACU nurses with my big mouth I cant keep shut.

So this is how the hospitals will be labeled:

Hospital A is the hospital I volunteer in the PACU (also where I am the best ""Home Shopper" more on that later.)

Hospital B is the hospital where I volunteer in the CT department and where a see most of the Trauma cases that happen in my town.

So now you know what story belongs to what hospital.

That's all for now!

~Hospital Volunteer