Sunday, December 19, 2010

Memories Of Jonah

So as Christmas is approaching; I find my self  remembering my brother Jonah and the other family members I have lost.  As some of you may know I lost my brother Jonah in 2006 to a rare genetic disease called Leukyodystrophy.  It effects the white coating around the brain and you slowly loose everything from motor skills to talking, and even your eye sight.  My brother was in the Wings pediatric hospice program for several years prior to him going to see Jesus in Heaven.  

Needless to say it's a sad time for my family and I do enjoy all of the family time,baking, the gifts,giving gifts and celebrating Jesus' Birthday.  Every year when the schools let out for Christmas (not winter) break,  I see  several brothers around our ages (mine and Jonah's)  come in to the restaurant I work at and I think that should be Jonah and I going out to eat and riding in my truck and spending time together.  But, God decided to take him away into heaven to life a full life that he never had the oppertunity to have.    It breaks my heart every time I see a pair of brothers like that.   I do tear up and I have to go into the kitchen and  gather my composure and push though it till the end of my shift when I cry on the way home.     Even though I know  he is in Heaven and having an amazing time, I feel there is this hole that can't be filled even with Christ being in my life.   I sometimes find my self putting on the happy act when I am feeling down just to keep everyone in the Chistmas cheer and not be a downer.
But, in all the sadness I have all of the memories of Jonah and It helps some but nothing more would help except to have him here with us Celebrating Christmas.

Now That I have most of you depressed.... I will have to find a humorous story/video. :)

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