Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Almost Christmas!

Ok, so I still know we have 8 days till' Christmas but, I am in the spirit!   I thought you might wanna know whats up in my world :)  That is why you read this right?? Or do you fell sorry for me?  Ok, so probable a little bit of both. ;)

So, this past week was FUN! (NOT)

FINALS ARE DONE!!  I did very well on them:) Especially the 75 question anatomy final *crosses eyes*

My 20 year old truck FAILED its safety inspection and I had to go get that fixed... (MORE MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN)

My mom woke up sick on Wednesday and I got to play nurse.... after I got the truck re inspected I hit Walgreen's and bought : Gatorade (encase she vomited and did not want to eat) Saltine Crackers, Cold/Flu Meds (The pharmacist thought I was a drug dealer no doubt) 3 cans of chicken noodle soup, and some other things totaling $35...    I am happy to report she is feeling better and I have to figure out what to do with 50oz of Gatorade.  *sigh*

Then the dog has a yeast infection in his ear and he racked up a heck of a  bill at the vet all for some meds and ear cleaner.  

Now I must continue my planning on how I am going to manage My Christmas Cupcake orders and  the increase of hours I asked for at work :) Have an awesome rest of your work week and have an awesome weekend!

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