Monday, February 28, 2011

This winter has SUCKED

So I am going to recap this winter just because it sucked SO BAD; I have to admit there where good parts but there are more bad then good....

 The Bad
  1. My dad has had to deal with loosing three colleagues and friends to different deaths.
  2. My Cousin's Husband lost his life on Saturday after emergency Open Heart Surgery.
  3. I had to take the ACT  2 times and only raised my score by one FREAKING POINT!
The Good

  1. I have been successful in loosing weight
  2. My Family has been safe in this CRAZY weather.
  3. I still have a Job in this economy.

I am working on shadowing my brother's Hospice nurses and seeing what they do.  I will keep yall posted.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So I was thinking....

So I was thinking (again) while I was cleaning at work while my manager and the manager-in-traning where in the back office closing out for the night and I was left to do the cleaning we had left to do on frontline  for the night (Didn't mind one bit b/c I like cleaning alone and it gives me a chance to think).    At the time alot was running through my head and I needed to sort it all out. 

I usually think about my brother more this time of year than usual; I think about him all the time just more in the spring because he drastically got worse in mid Feb.-May when he finally got to go see Jesus.    So I was thinking about that,crying and wiping down the Ice Cream machine.  Then I thought about all of the awesome people in Hospice, our friends  and every other organization that was there and helped us through it all and how I now get to do the same for someone else and their families.    It was humbling when I thought about what i get to see: Life come into this world, I see the trauma that effects it, I see life saving surgeries and Rehab. I also see patients when God calls them home.

I get to be in those patients and their family's lives for that time and learn about the whole care process of life and for that I am and will be forever grateful because they allowed ME this little nothing volunteer in to their lives to spend a little time with them and try to make a difference in their lives.  I was humbled by this and  I am still trying to wrap my head around it (as you can tell).

Before this moment I kind of had an attitude when people where stupid at work (the customers being rude,didn't know what they want in the DT holding up my line making it more difficult to move fast and serve more people and make our Hour $$$ good)  and kind of having an attitude period.  I think this was God giving me a "Hey Stupid! Get you head out of your ass and get rid of the tude."  Since then, I have tried to a good attitude toward everyone even though it has been really hard.

Here is a Music Video From Addison Road One of my Favorite Artists:


Friday, February 11, 2011

"Funny" Stories from the CT Department....

Ok Since I really haven't posted anything about hospital B on this blog here we go!

St.Patrick's Day 2010 :   An older woman comes into the ED for a Head CT the Reason for scan says "Trauma" anyone knows in this is not a good enough reason.  So I call the Ed and tell them to send her over so we can microwave "Fry" her brain to see what is wrong. :)    So the tech drops her off and runs in the other direction away from us and the ED... So, we get her set up and the CT Tech asks her "What Happened"    She Replies " Well, I fell off of a golf cart when we hit a pot hole in the St.Patrick's Day parade Downtown..."  *Tech and I  attempt to stifle laughter*  "It's Ok to laugh, I think it's kind of funny too!"   So we all had a good laugh and that story made my day xD  She was fine and got sent home with a huge goose egg on her head.

The Morning After Prom 2010:    So, I was working the day after prom with the two techs that where there that day...  We see a STAT CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/wo contrast for  17 y/o male pop up on our screen from the ED. The reason for exam  "Fell Down Stairs".  I said that "He probable pissed his girlfriend off after prom and she pushed him down the stairs."   I was RIGHT!  He pissed her off so badly that she THREW him down the stairs (he only weighed about 150-65. I could have picked him up and done the same thing.)   Toni (one of the techs) is kind of OCD and she told him his socks didn't watch and it bothered her. (LOL!)   

I also have determined that most of the radiologists and doctors are very nice and some are complete A-Holes and especially  Miss. I'M FRESH OUT OF MED SCHOOL POMPAS ASS ATTITUDE (AKA Queen B Radiologist).... Everyone HATES HER .

Anyway, I hope this made you laugh today!  More Posts Brewing....

Love always,


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Homeshopping Theme Song

Since it has been some time I have posted a funny story/blurb.... here we go!    Ok, now imagine me up on ortho dropping off a patient with one of the techs trying to get past the nurses station where the EVIL desk secretaries and nurse manager(s) are!  Now not all of the managers are evil... The managers up there are pretty cool but if you attempt to walk off with any pillows they start foaming at the mouth and try to bite your head off... The innocent volunteer lost and dosen't know what is going on look does not work. (damn it!)  But any way back to imaging we are back on ortho with me and my dirty linen bags full of pillows and this music is playing:

and I am crouching down getting past the evils at the desk in black instead of my blue scrubs... and I get past and *DASH* (ok,ok "walk with a purpose" ) towards the elevators.... successfully taking out any nurse managers/ortho staff  that come off of the elevators.  I take the elevator down to the second floor where I am safe and  wait for the tech since the OR is secure and my dumb volunteer badge dosen't swipe. If I try so many times security gets called and I get ripped a new one. Been there done that and don't wanna go back. I have one too many now lol!

Since we had the "Blizzard of the Century" (*rolls eyes*) on Tuesday  I couldn't make it since the truck hates the snow.  So no hospital adventures, maybe I will get to go tomorrow so I can keep up on my schedule....

So in closing I leave you with Maxine!