Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wisdom From Maxine

My Favorite Cartoon Character Maxine. She had a huge tude but I love it!

I Hate Metro Bus Drivers...

Ok... So when I was on my way to the Hospital A  with the cake I made to celebrate the 200 pillows I had home shopped and in the parking lot a metro bus pulled out in front of me in the intersection when it was my turn to go and it required me to slam on the breaks,cuss at the driver and lay on the horn all at the same time.  Unfortunately the cake did not make it.... the poor thing coded in the parking lot half  past East Bon Queshia   where I had to park due to the Hospital System's "Great Idea" of "Enhancing care by design" and the construction has left the whole parking lot and the surrounding structures a hot mess. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with them growing and improving patient care but during this whole mess the visitors and patients get even more confused in and already confusing hospital layout (So confusing they provide maps and the information desks) and have to park WAY OUT because the garages fill up so fast. I have had to help so many people try to figure out (With my limited knowledge of the hospital grounds)  where to go. The only way I know how to get to the A,B,C buildings is via the escalator by patient discharge after that I have no idea.  I also am not the person to ask for directions because I couldn't find my way out of a box without a GPS.

But, it was a kind of boring day in the PACU I had so much time I did my anatomy lesson.... I had alot of fun and I have been dubbed the "Stud" of the PACU  because I have lost about 10 of the 20 or so pounds I have to loose.  I feel great! My clothes fit better and I have more energy. I never wanna go back to being fat.

I also took a position up on Rehab with my second mother who transferred up there.  I will be helping her out with some things and hopefully gaining knowledge of direct patent care who aren't so knocked up on narcotics up that they see pink elephants and think I am their son or hit on me O_o.

I am also snooping around on Ortho scoping out where the pillows are so I can Homeshop for the PACU and dump them in a dirty linen bag so nobody asks any questions.  See I have become addicted and can't help myself anymore*Evil Grin* They won't know what hit them. *Evil Laugh*

So all of those traitor comments can be taken back.  Come and see me on Tuesday and I will hopefully have a stash for you.  Also,I have heard whispers that my blog is spreading through the pacu! Hopefully the whole hospital!

That's all for now I will try to post a funny later :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fellow bloggers and Homeshoopers alike!

I have created an official merch store for Hospital volunteer with our EXCLUSIVE  I *Heart* Homeshopping t-shirts for the whole family!

Hopital Volunteer Shoppe

Anyway... I will post a blog about the adventures of today tomorrow :)  

Monday, January 24, 2011

This song reminds me...

Even in hard times I will survive. Epically now...

P!nk - Perfect

I love this song! It has a great meaning.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

An awesome post from Head Nurse Jo!

So being the avid reader of Head Nurse  I was looking back at her archives and found this:

So You're Starting Nursing School...

Tips for student nurses of all ages, drawn from my own limited experience:

1. Put aside inviolable time to study every damn day. Even weekends, even holidays. Don't get into the habit of thinking that you'll do it later, or that you can catch up. Study every day. You'll be glad you did.

2. Put aside inviolable time to think about something other than nursing every damn day. That includes not thinking about nursing blogs, or blogging your own experience. If you don't keep some other interests alive, you'll turn into StudentNurseBot, and you'll go crazy.

3. Yes, you will have no social life. This will not bother you. There's plenty of time for a social life after you've passed the NCLEX; nurses are notoriously hard partiers.

4. Make the effort to look as nicely pressed and crisp and clean and starched as you can during clinicals. Really and truly, it makes a difference. You'll not only feel more confident, but your patients will feel better about having you in the room. And if you have a crappy day, at least you looked good.

5. A word about your patients: on the whole, patients don't mind having student nurses. Some of them love it. Think about it: they get individualized attention from someone who's detail-oriented. They want you to succeed.

6. A word about nurses: on the whole, nurses want you to succeed as well. In four years, I've only seen one group of students that I felt couldn't hack it as even marginal nurses. The other students I've seen I have wanted to help, encourage, and see do well. Yes, there is the occasional wackjob or sadist who hates students. You'll be able to pick that person out of a group in no time and avoid them.

7. Another word about nurses: on the whole, nurses do not eat their young. The ones that do (and I work with one) bite everybody, not just the new nurses. And nobody likes them. Their colleagues avoid them, the doctors try to do end-runs around 'em, and management knows their tricks. Do not let the Nurse From Hell ruin your day.

8. Look around at the class you're in. Two thirds of the people in the introductory courses will probably wash out. Support them, study with them, and lean on them anyway. The relationships you form in nursing school last for about five minutes after pinning, but they're the most important relationships you'll have during school.

9. Some of your professors hate nursing. Some of them will try to discourage you, or will show favoritism to particular students for unfathomable reasons, or will be nasty without cause. Ignore those professors. Cultivate respectful relationships with the instructors who love what they do.

10. Pay attention in A&P. Learn enough skills to pass your skills lab, but don't fret about starting a zillion IVs. Know your drug book backwards, but remember that you'll have a set formulary in your hospital--you won't have to remember everything forever. Care plans suck, but they're useful in figuring out disease processes and really do come in handy sometimes. Never use "Potential For" as a nursing diagnosis more than once in a care plan. Make sure you have good pens. Always carry an extra scrub jacket.

And get out there and kick some ass. Being a nurse is infinitely more pleasant and much, much easier than being a student. Soon you'll be done with school. While you're doing it, remember that those of us who've been there are pulling for you.

This post has "refilled" my tank to pursue nursing after the "incident" at the recruiter.  I love Jo and her blog and have laughed and enjoyed reading about her life.  She will be the FIRST featured blog on the new blog roll.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Funny List For Nurses

A new nurse throws up when the patient does.

An experienced nurse calls housekeeping when a patient throws up.

A new nurse wears so many pins on her name badge that you can’t read it.

An experienced nurse doesn’t wear a name badge for liability reasons.

A new nurse charts too much.

An experienced nurse doesn’t chart enough.

A new nurse loves to run to codes.

An experienced nurse makes new nurses run to codes.

A new nurse wants everyone to know s/he’s a nurse.

An experienced nurse doesn’t want anyone to know s/he’s a nurse.

A new nurse keeps detailed notes on a pad.

An experienced nurse writes on the back of her hand, paper scraps, napkins, etc.

A new nurse will spend all day trying to reorient a patient.

An experienced nurse will chart the patient who is disoriented and restrain him.

A new nurse can hear a beeping I-med at 50 yards.

An experienced nurse can’t hear any alarms at any distance.

A new nurse loves to hear abnormal heart and breath sounds.

An experienced nurse doesn’t want to know about them unless the patient is symptomatic.

A new nurse spends two hours giving a patient a bath.

An experienced nurse lets the CNA give the patient a bath.

A new nurse thinks people respect nurses.

An experienced nurse knows everybody blames everything on the nurse.

A new nurse looks for blood on a bandage hoping they will get to change it.

An experienced nurse knows a little blood never hurt anybody.

A new nurse looks for a chance “to work with the family.”

An experienced nurse avoids the family.

A new nurse expects meds and supplies to be delivered on time.

An experienced nurse expects them to never be delivered at all.

A new nurse will spend days bladder training an incontinent patient.

An experienced nurse will insert a Foley catheter.

A new nurse always answers her phone.

An experienced nurse checks the caller ID before answering the phone.

A new nurse thinks psych patients are interesting.

An experienced nurse thinks psych patients are crazy.

A new nurse carries reference books in her/his bag.

An experienced nurse carries magazines, lunch and some “cough syrup” in her/his bag.

A new nurse doesn’t find this list funny.

An experienced nurse does.


Via: Winking smile

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebrating 200 Pillows!

YES!!! I hit 200 Pillows last Tuesday at the PACU! I robbed ortho and rehab BLIND....  I haven't got caught *yet*  But I am celebrating not getting caught for homeshopping and for the fun that goes with it!   One of my evil new years goal was to  hit that magic number. *Evil Grin*

And In Other News.....

Ripped from the headlines on ortho/rehab....

Need encouragement with your New Years Goals?

Try watching this uplifting video and see if it encourages you to go further in your journey to meet your goals. Thanks to Igniter Media ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Season Of Wishes

Hi all :)

So, I don't really know how to put this out there but...  I would love for us (you and my self)  to Grant a wish for a Make A Wish Child and his/her family.  So I am asking for donations through that "Donate" button over there===>  It will take you to a PayPal Secure screen where you pick the amount and Its all confidential and I will never know how much you give. For those of you who don't know what The Make-A-Wish Foundation is please see the quotation below.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Founded in 1980 when a group of caring volunteers helped a young boy fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer, the Foundation is one of the world’s leading children’s charities, with 64 chapters in the United States and its territories. With the help of generous donors and nearly 25,000 volunteers, the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants a wish every 40 minutes and has granted more than 200,000 wishes in the United States since its inception. For more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit and discover how you can share the power of a wish®.
My family got to go on a trip to Disney World with the help of them and their generous sponsors and contributors.   It would be a dream come true if we could grant a wish or even help just a little bit!

Here's how the money will be kept:

  • The money will be stored in a High Yield Savings account through Pay Pal
  • All Donations will be matched by me up to $50 
  • I will pay for all PayPal Processing fees that will be charged
 If you can't afford a monetary donation there are other ways to give too!

If you have unused/unwanted frequent flyer miles,hotel points or new electronics drop me a line and I will get you to the right place to donate those points!

This will not turn into the all I want to do is bug you for money blog.  I will only mention it on occasion or when we hit a milestone in donations.  I will STILL blog about my adventures :)

Ok,now that I am done asking you for your money...   I will go update the pillow count... It was slim pickings at the hospital! I am in a pillow desert. LOL!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HELLO to Twitter!

New twitter feed!!/hsptlvolunteer 

I can update you from the hospitals now! >:D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good bye to 2010! Helloooo 2011!

 As I attempt to reflect on 2010 it was an ok year... I started to make some major decisions to start the "rest" of my life and ... 

Some Bad/Hard  Things:
  • The ACT and learning how to conquer the EVIL EVIL People at The College Board! (still awaiting the results from my last test)
  • My First Car Accident... (Not My Fault, Thank GOD!)
  • Learning of Money management (good thing) and the fees that go with not keeping track of my money *Rolls Eyes*
  • Learning how to drive the truck (stick shift)

Some Good Things:

  • Getting To Volunteer at the many places I do  :)
  • Learning to shut my big trap... *Snort*  *Hears a bunch of YA RIGHTS from readers*
  • Trying and sometimes being successful at having a positive attitude.
  • Meeting all of the awesome people I met this year. (Including the teachers at the Learning center I went to!)
  • Getting Ready to go to College and Finding the perfect job for me in the Air Force Reserves!
  • Finding how to pay for College!
  • Receiving the "Fallen Officer" Scholarship Through The County Police (Also Where my dad is an LT!) Its also was an honor.
Goals (NOT Resolutions) For the New Year:
  1. Grow Closer to God and work to heal the wounds that are still open
  2. Loose some of that excess weight and attend "Basic Training"  workouts that I paid for :)
  3. Survive till Graduation
  4. Graduate
  5. Go in to the AF Reserves
  6. Do well at Basic (AFBMT) and Do well in my career.
  7. Go To Nursing School (or take the pre reqs. for it)
  8. Have fun! Enjoy life!
Ok, Now that I have bored you with my resolutions. I wish you and your family a very Blessed and Happy New Year!  I also want to hear some of the good & bad things that happened to you. I wanna hear your GOALS for 2011 !

Drop me a line>>>>> gliderpilot92@ att DOT net Or Post!