Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Hate Metro Bus Drivers...

Ok... So when I was on my way to the Hospital A  with the cake I made to celebrate the 200 pillows I had home shopped and in the parking lot a metro bus pulled out in front of me in the intersection when it was my turn to go and it required me to slam on the breaks,cuss at the driver and lay on the horn all at the same time.  Unfortunately the cake did not make it.... the poor thing coded in the parking lot half  past East Bon Queshia   where I had to park due to the Hospital System's "Great Idea" of "Enhancing care by design" and the construction has left the whole parking lot and the surrounding structures a hot mess. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with them growing and improving patient care but during this whole mess the visitors and patients get even more confused in and already confusing hospital layout (So confusing they provide maps and the information desks) and have to park WAY OUT because the garages fill up so fast. I have had to help so many people try to figure out (With my limited knowledge of the hospital grounds)  where to go. The only way I know how to get to the A,B,C buildings is via the escalator by patient discharge after that I have no idea.  I also am not the person to ask for directions because I couldn't find my way out of a box without a GPS.

But, it was a kind of boring day in the PACU I had so much time I did my anatomy lesson.... I had alot of fun and I have been dubbed the "Stud" of the PACU  because I have lost about 10 of the 20 or so pounds I have to loose.  I feel great! My clothes fit better and I have more energy. I never wanna go back to being fat.

I also took a position up on Rehab with my second mother who transferred up there.  I will be helping her out with some things and hopefully gaining knowledge of direct patent care who aren't so knocked up on narcotics up that they see pink elephants and think I am their son or hit on me O_o.

I am also snooping around on Ortho scoping out where the pillows are so I can Homeshop for the PACU and dump them in a dirty linen bag so nobody asks any questions.  See I have become addicted and can't help myself anymore*Evil Grin* They won't know what hit them. *Evil Laugh*

So all of those traitor comments can be taken back.  Come and see me on Tuesday and I will hopefully have a stash for you.  Also,I have heard whispers that my blog is spreading through the pacu! Hopefully the whole hospital!

That's all for now I will try to post a funny later :)

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