Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Good bye to 2010! Helloooo 2011!

 As I attempt to reflect on 2010 it was an ok year... I started to make some major decisions to start the "rest" of my life and ... 

Some Bad/Hard  Things:
  • The ACT and learning how to conquer the EVIL EVIL People at The College Board! (still awaiting the results from my last test)
  • My First Car Accident... (Not My Fault, Thank GOD!)
  • Learning of Money management (good thing) and the fees that go with not keeping track of my money *Rolls Eyes*
  • Learning how to drive the truck (stick shift)

Some Good Things:

  • Getting To Volunteer at the many places I do  :)
  • Learning to shut my big trap... *Snort*  *Hears a bunch of YA RIGHTS from readers*
  • Trying and sometimes being successful at having a positive attitude.
  • Meeting all of the awesome people I met this year. (Including the teachers at the Learning center I went to!)
  • Getting Ready to go to College and Finding the perfect job for me in the Air Force Reserves!
  • Finding how to pay for College!
  • Receiving the "Fallen Officer" Scholarship Through The County Police (Also Where my dad is an LT!) Its also was an honor.
Goals (NOT Resolutions) For the New Year:
  1. Grow Closer to God and work to heal the wounds that are still open
  2. Loose some of that excess weight and attend "Basic Training"  workouts that I paid for :)
  3. Survive till Graduation
  4. Graduate
  5. Go in to the AF Reserves
  6. Do well at Basic (AFBMT) and Do well in my career.
  7. Go To Nursing School (or take the pre reqs. for it)
  8. Have fun! Enjoy life!
Ok, Now that I have bored you with my resolutions. I wish you and your family a very Blessed and Happy New Year!  I also want to hear some of the good & bad things that happened to you. I wanna hear your GOALS for 2011 !

Drop me a line>>>>> gliderpilot92@ att DOT net Or Post!

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