Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Homeshopping Theme Song

Since it has been some time I have posted a funny story/blurb.... here we go!    Ok, now imagine me up on ortho dropping off a patient with one of the techs trying to get past the nurses station where the EVIL desk secretaries and nurse manager(s) are!  Now not all of the managers are evil... The managers up there are pretty cool but if you attempt to walk off with any pillows they start foaming at the mouth and try to bite your head off... The innocent volunteer lost and dosen't know what is going on look does not work. (damn it!)  But any way back to imaging we are back on ortho with me and my dirty linen bags full of pillows and this music is playing:

and I am crouching down getting past the evils at the desk in black instead of my blue scrubs... and I get past and *DASH* (ok,ok "walk with a purpose" ) towards the elevators.... successfully taking out any nurse managers/ortho staff  that come off of the elevators.  I take the elevator down to the second floor where I am safe and  wait for the tech since the OR is secure and my dumb volunteer badge dosen't swipe. If I try so many times security gets called and I get ripped a new one. Been there done that and don't wanna go back. I have one too many now lol!

Since we had the "Blizzard of the Century" (*rolls eyes*) on Tuesday  I couldn't make it since the truck hates the snow.  So no hospital adventures, maybe I will get to go tomorrow so I can keep up on my schedule....

So in closing I leave you with Maxine!

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