Monday, November 29, 2010

After An Eventful Thanksgiving Weekend

After upping my pillow count and seeing my gals and Bill in the PACU and hearing an old lady cuss while coming out of anesthesia while there where several other patients in the recovery room *Rolls Eyes*  I did not know old ladies knew how to cuss! (Especially like sailors)  

Thanksgiving was the usual eat till your stuffed extravaganza... I enjoyed being with my family and my grandma made me some scrubs and some new scrub hats!    I LOVE THEM!   There where no political fights,comments  etc...etc... (Thank God!)   I don't think I could have survived and kept my mouth shut at the same time...  I am VERY politically opinionated and know where I stand.   

The morning after Thanksgiving I donated blood for the first time at JOY FM's Blood Drive!  It went well I didn't faint,puke or turn green....  I was very happy till the next day when I had a HUGE headache and really bad nausea and vertigo. Why people do people like to get so drunk and have a hangover is BEYOND ME! *crosses eyes*  Its not fun... let me tell you.  But It was really good knowing that I will save 3 lives in just 10 min!

Then my truck started leaking antifreeze and i had to have the clamp on the tube tightened.... and yours truly's glasses arrived and I am now a full time glasses wearer since contacts are now SO expensive. My prescription went up and the contacts went up $20....

Now to bed and the gym in the morning!

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