Friday, November 19, 2010

Goldilocks has entered the PACU!

So I forgot to mention last Tuesday that Goldilocks  has come to work in the PACU!  I got to meet her after she looked me up and down  and gave me the  WTHeck are you doing down here? look.   I just smiled and said Hi and went to go change into my scrubs. *kill em' with kindness*  So we will have to get more acquainted and get on the right track... I am not your normal volunteer; I go out of my way to HELP, NOT  hinder the employees (or my girls and Bill).   After much surfing on the webernets I found a picture that made me laugh!

****In Other News****

I jacked up my knee AGAIN somehow. But, I took a good dose of Ibuprofen so I can limp and I need to find my knee brace that is lost in the vortex that is my room...

I also did something productive and gave Hank a bath since the dog stank to high heaven and now he is all fluff and 3 shades lighter. 

Also, for all the people who took a stupid pill and decided or is deciding to come to the restaurant I work at PLEASE BARF UP YOUR PILL NOW!

That's it for now! 

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