Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Adventures For Tuesday, November 9th,2010

So Today I  volunteered at hospital A!  I got to see all of "My Girls" down in recovery!  I got there at 3 I think because I had to try and figure out how to send a rather big and heavy candle holder to canada for under $27.00  but to no avail and several sheets of customs paperwork to fill out....  (Never sell international on ebay)   But, I digress....   We where really busy and had alot of sweet older ladies come thru  and one even wanted to dance with me after she just got a new knee or hip (not sure lol)  but she was  on alot of narcotics and I have learned to smile and agree to make them happy.

Oh BTW  Shout out to Erin!  She  lets me talk and talk about my problems and what's going on in my world. Thanks! :)

I will update you on what happens at hospital B on saturday!

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