Friday, November 19, 2010

For Those Who Did Not Regurgitate Their Stupid Pill...

Just thought I would let you know how many people took my advise to "Barf Up Their Stupid Pill"  Not many did... for those of you people that did not take my advise.... Please down the whole bottle of "Happy Pills"  (as pictured) before returning to the restaurant that I work at...  Also,  If you do not take my advise I will start spreading cheer by singing loud for all to hear 1 and TRUST ME you DON'T want me to resort to that.... (Even the Church won't let me sing) LOL!  and for those that have a hangover from the 3 bars that are close to the restaurant I work at...just don't get out of bed and ruin everyone's day and don't forget to take 2 Advil and keep a trash can with a liner next to your bed for easy clean up ;).

Footnote: "Spreading Cheer By Singing Loud For All To Hear"- Taken from the Movie Elf.

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