Monday, April 11, 2011

Puke, Puke and more you guessed it PUKE!

It started off to be really SLOW in the ED then we picked up....

Pt.1)   Meth addict comes in via ambulance....  As soon as they give her the "Reversal" drugs the erupted kind of like this :

It was quite interesting... She even hit the ceiling!    Everyone who was in the vicinity got hit with puke... Note to self :  " Always remember to stay away from the meth addicts in the ED You never know when their gunna blow...."

Pt 2) comes in dehydrated from running a marathon in the heat wave we had... EMS can't get an IV so the comes via POV  and puked on the floor...  we got her an IV and a "Emisis Bucket" and she was ok.

Pt3) Comes in with a stomach bug.... the Runs and vomit and all... YUCK!  Pukes in triage.... *rolls eyes* yay!

Loonie #1)  This crazy person comes in saying she "Has a RARE bacterial punomnia" that you only can get in West Virginia.... Because she has a cough etc... The BS meter was in Red for this one....   The nurses agreed. So she was put on precautions.... turned out she had mucus build up and nuttin else....  We will be sure to collect you copay BEFORE we let you go.

So I had my fair share of puke and loons... Puke no longer effects me... (I HOPE)

More later!

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