Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Department = A New Adventure!

So I am back volunteering at Hospital B now that all of the crap with the ACT is OVER and School is done :)  I decided to work in their ED just to see if the Trauma Nursing thing is for me... Oh, It IS!  It may be a little early to make my decision but, I had alot of fun today!

On my adventures through the 19 Room & 2 Trauma Bay ED I got to experience:

  • Triage and the stuff that goes with it. 
  • My First FULL BLOWN compound fracture (Yes the bone WAS sticking out of this poor kid's arm He was VERY BRAVE)
  • My second Cardiopulmonary Arrest Almost dropped in the ambulance bay  (Yes, I have kept count. Weird I know.)
  • A gentleman who drove himself to the ER with a broken right ankle.
  • Several bumps,headaches and a busted chin on a kiddo (3 years old and he was a TROOPER!)
  • I  got to see 3 Traumas roll in.  ( a big car wreck and the heart attack victim mentioned above)
  • I also got to see a criminal get arrested in the ED after he was treated.  I should be use to it since my dad is a police officer but, I'm not lol!  I was more curious what kind of trouble he was in by "stocking the room" but, I kept my big nose out of it. 
Part of my duties is to go running out the door when a car pulls up and offer a wheel chair to the incoming Victims  (I mean) Patients.  The kiddo with a compound fracture  pulled up and omg I almost passed out. No amount of Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue trauma training prepares you for that. (NONE)

All in all it was a pretty awesome day and I can't wait to go back!

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