Thursday, August 4, 2011

Many Emotions....

So I am about 3 weeks away from shipping to basic....  It's really awesome and all but I get these waves of being really pumped and then being scared shitless  (Highlight black space to see word.)  There is really no way to explain it any better than that.  I am ready to leave home and start my own journey but at the same time I will miss my family, friends, dogs,co-workers.    I know basic is going to be tough and it will transform me from a teenage wanna be nurse into a man who is ready to conquer anything that comes my way.     But enough of my emotions for now....

   So I only have about one week of Chicken Hell left and I am working at the bakery till September 4th.    

 The going away party is set.

 Healthcare Directive, Power of Attorney and other "morbid" paperwork is signed and notarized.   

People keep asking me if I need anything or want to do anything before I go....  One thing I really need is prayers and LOTS of them;specifically targeted at my fear and for safe travels/safe BMT.  

What I want to do is to see all of my family,friends,co-workers before I go y'all are my support and I REALLY need you right now (Even though I have my family behind me 100%).   I know we all have our differences and some are not so supportive of me going off to be in the military  but, I really need your support in this because I am on the edge and right now this is the HARDEST thing I have done in my short 18 almost 19 years and know that I didn't take this enlistment thing lightly.  


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