Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long Time No Post!

Ok, I haven't been keeping up with this whole blog thing since life has gone from normal to nuts in just a matter of months....  So sorry.  So here is whats been going on the past couple of months:

Got a new job that I LOVE!  Working at a dog bakery is the best job EVER! :D (I still work at chicken hell though)

I got my BMT dates this week....  I leave September 6th for Lackland, AFB. Its scaring the living caca out of me.  I guess its just a fear of the unknown and willingly going to hell for 2 months of my life.    I will be gone till November 4th and will be back for a month till December 7th. Then its off to Ft.Sam Houston for 9 months to get my LPN ("LVN" as they call it in good ol' Texas!)    till about  April ish... then I will either get shipped to FL,NV,OH or IL to "Seasoning Training" or put the crap you learned to work.   

So my life is kind of out of sorts with BMT being only 2 months away.  Like I said I AM SCARED....  Its like when I got the dates it FINALLY became REAL.  My recruiter said the blood drained out of my face when I looked at the dates paper he gave me.  

I have some power of attorney stuff to get in order and some other things like notifying Chicken hell of my dates when I'm on vacation the rest of this week and next week. 

If you have any suggestions or words of support I could use them! If you have been there done that zip me an email!
Laus Deo,

You newest Airman First Class:
Hospital Volunteer

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