Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Disclaimer

Because I spoke with the Head Nurse Of The PACU today about blogging my adventures and anonymity(A Nice Chat and I was so happy I wasn't in toruble)...I want to make sure all readers know this and so I have all of my bases covered. 

Here We Go :)

*Clears Throat*

Please note that all content on Hospital Volunteer that is not otherwise licensed is licensed under a Creative Commons agreement. What this means is that I don't mind if you repost or borrow things as long as you check with me first. All patients, doctors, and nurses are fictionalized to protect the innocent or guilty. What *that* means is that if I write about something that happened "yesterday", it could easily have happened last week or last year

This blog is not intended to be used for, and the author of this blog will not give, advice on medical matters. If you have a problem, see a professional instead of some schmo on the Internet. If you don't like things that are tongue-in-cheek, you should go somewhere much more earnest.

Everything here is mine unless otherwise credited. If I've messed up and quoted you without attribution, please let me know and I'll rectify it ASAP. Likewise, if I manage to make a real howler either in spelling or information, tell me. That means that everything that I get wrong is my own fault, while everything that turns out okay is entirely due to the goodwill and grace of other people.

This will be added to the "Legal Stuff" tab on the top of the page.   I will also do my very best at keeping this blog professional at all times and I may flub up so If I do please let me know and I will fix it.

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